Monday, July 02, 2007

Busy, busy

Not really. I've been groggy all day because I stayed up until four in the morning catching up on blogs. It's comforting to see that some people have been more remiss than I have in posting. Marcus at On the Patio hasn't posted in two months. Hope he's okay, living in Texas and all. I'm worried he got washed away in a flood. Guy K of Just Charming is in Texas as well and his camper is close to floating away in some lake.

RSM at Smoke on the Water is about to deploy to one of the wars so click over and wish him well. It's on the side bar under Rumblers. I'm too lazy to embed links tonight. Tits McGee just got back from vacation and has some nice pix. Zonker has some audio of Acidman's songs. Elisson also has some nice pix and entertaining vignettes, as usual and Velicoman even has some weird thing up, which is more than we can say about Bad JuJu, who seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth.

Straight White Guy is still reliably poetic. Parkway Jim had a death in the family is off to the funeral while Kees is also off for a couple of weeks but for vacation to Lake Tanganika, or some such place. Must be nice to live in Africa and take exotic vacations at home. Oh and pop over to Chickie's to see the lion video. It's astounding.

Meanwhile, I'm just blogging along here and watching the McCompound population change. People move in and out every month. My building is just about empty judging from the remaining cars out front. But I've been fascinated by the new people who took over one of the storage spaces across from my deck.

It was amazing really. The guy who moved out had the thing full of furniture and a canoe. He was apparently giving everything to some other guy who took it away a little at a time in a pickup truck. It took three days to get it all out and an hour after it was empty, the new people showed up with a moving van. It's been fascinating.

For the last couple of days, they've been moving stuff in and out of the place. The first night they threw in a bunch of big toys and some furniture. Then they came back in the morning and took everything out and came back with the van and traded some of the furniture and put the rest of the stuff back in. They repeat the process a couple of times a day, along with much transferring of various items to their SUV. Near as I can tell they moved into one of the building around the corner. I have this vision of them moving furniture in, deciding they don't like it looks and moving it back out to the shed again. Seems like an awful lot of extra work to me.

And it being the holiday weekend, some family had a big picnic out back by the playground. It's astonishing how many people use those built in grills. Usually no one does at a McCompound like this does but you often see people out there cooking dinner, one assumes to bring home.

Anyway, I'm bringing my recyling out and as I'm walking by the barbecue chef announced that the hot dogs were ready. It was all I could do not to grab a bun and get in line. It smelled great and I love me a good charred weiner.


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