Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day

Hope you all had a great day at a big barbecue with fireworks. If I was still living in lovely downtown Noho, I might be at Maki and Jamie's annual bash at the Marina right now, but I'm not sure. I'm in a dark mood and spending a couple of hours poolside this afternoon didn't lighten it.

Politics have really got me down today. I know too much and somehow I don't feel like celebrating. I feel more like painting my house like this flag or this one. It feels like our country has gone all upside down and backwards.

But wait..... A change of mood. I had written that much when the phone rang. I just spent a couple of hours with a completely unexpected caller, a veritable pillar of Blogtopia, who was endlessly entertaining. There were fireworks. Literally.

I love surprises.

[Graphic gratitude to Journal of America History]


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