Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Holidaze

Well I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I ended up spending most of the day and much of the evening with the family. We ended up having the big meal and I ate myself comatose by 9:00pm. I didn't get the hot air blimp I wanted, in fact I only got one real gift since the family just gave a little much needed extra cash but spending time with my loved ones in a relaxed state felt like a real present and nobody cooks a goose like they do at the homestead.

Much thanks to my friend Michael from Boston who sent me the most fabulous book on hummingbirds. It was nice to have something to open in the morning Mike and I had a great time leafing through the incredible photos. Perfect choice. You're still the best shopper I know.

Anyway, I hope all the gifts you gave and received were as good as mine and if they weren't -- well -- at least it's over for another year and now we have St. Patrick's Day and 4:20 to look forward to again. Meanwhile, blogging will be a little slow today. I'm nursing this little hangover from going a tiny bit overboard on the good ale last night.


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