Friday, December 22, 2006

Ex narc instructs on how to beat the system

I don't know quite what to make of this.
TYLER, Texas - A one-time Texas drug agent described by his former boss as perhaps the best narcotics officer in the country plans to market a how-to video on concealing drugs and fooling police.

Barry Cooper, who has worked for small police departments in East Texas, plans to launch a Web site next week where he will sell his video, “Never Get Busted Again,” the Tyler Morning Telegraph reported in its online edition Thursday. A promotional video says Cooper will show viewers how to “conceal their stash,” “avoid narcotics profiling” and “fool canines every time.”

Cooper, who said he favors the legalization of marijuana, made the video in part because he believes the nation’s fight against drugs is a waste of resources. Busting marijuana users fills up prisons with nonviolent offenders, he said.

“My main motivation in all of this is to teach Americans their civil liberties and what drives me in this is injustice and unfairness in our system,” Cooper told the newspaper.
The website should be operating by Tuesday. Although it's a realistic position, I'm not sure it really helps the cause of reform to actively encourage drug use. It just gives the prohibs more ammunition to paint our "true agenda" as being solely about being able to legally use our favorite drugs and takes the focus off the wider social issues we're trying to address. However, I predict the site will be a rousing success.

UPDATE: Mike Smithson checks in to remind me that there are more cops out there fighting against the drug war. Actually, I thought immediately of LEAP when I read this too, but in contrast, they are putting forth a much more responsible and palatable message to the non-consumers. Personally I think they have the better approach but I'm betting this other site will be more immediately popular.


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