Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Guest Squirrel Post

Thanks to Scott who sent me these great photos and a sweet story to go with them. This is one very lucky Texas squirrel.

I especially like this story because my dear friends Karen and Annie had a similar experience and also saved a little grey's squirrel's life once. And besides, I really like squirrels. Maybe it's because of all the years I spent watching Rocky and Bullwinkle, but I find them much more fun than say, hamsters.

So back to the story, Scott was taking down a tree and found this little critter in a hollow branch. I happen to know, it's a lot of work to keep one of those little babies alive.

It's like having any other baby, with feedings around the clock and frequent checks on their comfort levels. It's a lot of work just to keep one tiny animal alive that going to face a thousand other dangers once it's back in the wild. But what are the choices? The wildlife refuge centers won't take squirrels...

I would done the same. But like I said, I like squirrels.

They're as amusing as kittens, chasing each other around in the yard. And they're easily tamed. We had one in our backyard when my daughter was little that eventually would take crackers and peanut butter right out of our hand.

And they're pretty smart. My Dad takes a walk in the same park every day and brings peanuts for the squirrels there. They recognize him and start running to meet him when they see him coming.


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