Friday, December 15, 2006

Old ways are best

I'm finally feeling more human again. I woke up at 7:00 this morning out of a nightmare. I dreamt I was living in this really weird apartment in Thornes Market in lovely downtown Noho. Oddly, I dreamt about the same place the night before but it wasn't scary that time. This time it was even bigger and more convoluted. Even the bus station was inside the building.

I was trying to move into the apartment. Jim Armenti was there painting the whole place orange and told me there was no room. So I left and I found myself in the front seat of a car with two strange men. I was trying to get to my old law firm. When the car turned on to a dirt road with huge gaping potholes in it, I said I was getting out but the guy next to me held the door and said I couldn't leave. I tried to bite his hand. It crumbled like rust. I looked over to see he was some kind of zombie. Then I woke up. I didn't try to go back to sleep. I've already slept away most of the last two days.

I went to bed feeling horrible again. I was achy, my sinuses were impacted, my throat hurt so bad I could hardly swallow and both my ears ached. Having tried every other remedy known to man to shake this thing, I finally broke down and used my mother's old folk remedy. My mom is big on folk medicine, most of it centering on hot vinegar which I would rather die than drink, but gargling with salt water is one I occassionally use when pressed.

I dumped a shitload of salt into a little hot water and gargled the hell out of it. It opened up my sinuses and damn if I didn't wake up feeling almost good. The sore throat is gone anyway and I can breathe again. Sometimes, the old ways really are best. Beats the hell out of spending the morning at the doctor's office to get a script for antibotics for sure.


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