Friday, December 15, 2006

SWAT team raids Tank Johnson

At least they came during the daylight hours and nobody died . I already blogged this at the Detroit News but I'll add this here. I know Chicago Bears defensive lineman Tank Johnson is no angel but a major league football player is unlikely to enter into an armed standoff with the cops when he can afford the best lawyers money can buy and no matter what the cops thought they were going to find, he only faces misdemeanor charges on gun possession and his houseguest got bagged for two ounces of pot. That's personal possession, not dealing in my book. So why do they need 20 cops to break down the door and traumatize tiny children with flash bombs to serve a freaking warrant?

I'm telling you we're becoming more like a police state every day. When the cops start acting like criminals in a home invasion, it's time to put the kibosh on these no-knock, low-knock warrants. It seems to me they're only putting the cops in more danger, not less and they also diminish any respect for law enforcement that was left in this country. [hat tip Vig]


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