Sunday, December 10, 2006

Paey appeal denied

I've been following Richard Paey's case for well over two years. Few matters better illustrate the cruel insanity of our current drug policies. There's no reason that this father of three, who suffers from such great pain that the prison now gives him more drugs at state expense than he was convicted of possessing, should remain in jail.

Due my exhaustion this week, I'm late in getting to this latest news on the denial of his appeal, but the always reliable Radley Balko has it covered so I'll just send you there for the details and here's a link to the best editorial I saw on the continued injustice this poor man is suffering. Here's the money quote from that.
{Dissently Justice] Seals laid out the absurdity of this result: "I suggest that it is unusual, illogical, and unjust that Mr. Paey could conceivably go to prison for a longer stretch for peacefully but unlawfully purchasing 100 oxycodone pills from a pharmacist than had he robbed the pharmacist at knife point, stolen 50 oxycodone pills which he intended to sell to children waiting outside, and then stabbed the pharmacist."
Some might call Paey a fool for not taking the prosecutor's deal way back when he was at trial, but he refused it because he didn't want to plead guilty to a crime he didn't commit and wanted to believe that the system of justice would not fail him. Unfortunately it failed so utterly, that not only Paey, but also his wife and children, will pay the price for the rest of their lifetimes.

For myself, I think Paey is a hero. He bravely stood up for his principles and this travesty diminishes us all as a civil society. If you do nothing more for drug policy reform in your lifetime, call, write or email Gov. Jeb Bush and ask him to reverse this injustice and pardon Paey for Christmas.


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