Sunday, December 24, 2006

Lost my marbles

When I lived in Atlanta, besides being mugged at gunpoint, I was also robbed of everything of value I owned and many things only of value to me. All my photographs were taken. All my ballooning memorabilia including my crew t-shirts from the festivals. Those two things I still miss today. And even this many years later, once in a while I remember something else that was lost in that robbery.

For some reason, I just remembered my marble collection. I had an old goldfish bowl almost full of marbles that I collected over the years. Many of them I had found while walking or gardening. Some I bought. I had every kind of marble imaginable. Aggies and jennies and cat's eyes in a million different colors.

They were kind of a PITA to keep really. I used to have to wash the whole lot every once in a while because dust would collect in the open bowl and then I would hand dry every one, admiring its beauty as I tossed it back in.

It wasn't like I did anything else with them but today I wished they were still with me so I could scoop up handfuls and listen to the sound they made when I let them trickle through my fingers back into the bowl.


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