Friday, December 22, 2006

Justice served 16 years later

This is how dissent works. Tyrone Brown was sentenced to life in prison for smoking a joint while on probation for a petty crime in which he robbed some guy of two bucks. Needless to say he also commited the crime of being poor and black in Texas.

The judge who sentenced him, ignored the greater violations of a rich white defendant at around the same time. The TV show 20/20 picked up the story and a huge public outcry formed in support of Brown. The judge lost his reelection bid a short time later. He's now written a letter saying he agress with the prosecutor that the sentence should be rescinded. I expect the prosecutor has to answer to the voters as well.

This is how we're going to end the war. It's clear showing the politicians what they have to gain isn't working, but if we show them what they have to lose -- which is their cushy offices -- they're more likely to listen.


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