Friday, September 01, 2006

Intercity commerce

Well, it's official. I actually sold a car for the first time in my life. I feel so grown up.

Of course, since it's me we're talking about here, it's not without its unconventional elements. I have the money, but I'm also still holding the title since we didn't have a notary handy. I also let him drive the car out of here without a plate on it at all. I assumed he would have brought one, but no. He just had his exwife follow him, one assumes so no one will notice he's driving it illegally. He's only taking a mile down the road though so one hopes he'll make it without getting arrested. Seems like a good bet. People drive unregistered cars all the time around here.

Meanwhile, I have to admit I felt a little twinge of sadness to see the old car go. That was the nicest car I ever owned and the first one I ever bought from a dealer. It was the first car I bought on a car loan even. Suddenly the yard looks empty again.

Glad I never named it. I think it would have been more wrenching to let it go.


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