Friday, September 01, 2006

Grey skies are gonna clear up....

Thanks to Ernesto, it's a bleech kind of day here. Grey and drizzly. I slept in because the sun didn't wake me up and my muse seems to have headed south for sunnier climes. I'm not motivated at all, so while I work up some steam for blogging here's a couple of links thanks to the irresistable Tits.

This is one for the all the aspiring crap bloggers out there, this is the ultimate award. I expect Elisson to be taking notes on this one.

Meanwhile, for you boob lovers, you really can't have too many tits.

And keeping with the drug related theme of this blog, I just love when this happens. Someday, I'm going to resurrect my Urban Guerrila Gardners idea and hope to see this in every city in America.


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