Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Close call

I haven't been able to reach Ortega to tell him he could have the Ford. I finally gave up after three tries. He finally showed up today and said he would come Friday to get it. Meanwhile, a cold front is sweeping through, spawning some big honking thunderstorms, with more big rain to follow from Ernesto -- who apparently decided to skip Florida and visit here instead. Must be serious. The governor came on TV and told everybody to buy water.

So I'm watching the weather maps and thinking I should move the Ford out from the under the trees, prone as they are to dropping a few limbs in wet weather. I looked out the window to see I was right. That one missed but I'm betting at least one big one will come crashing down on that parking space in the next two days. I pulled the Ford out into the one tiny open spot on the driveway and am hoping for the best.


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