Friday, August 25, 2006

Wasted - Your tax dollars

What a day. I just got home and I'm brain dead. If I live through the next two days, I can survive anything. Worse yet, it's a nice night and I was looking forward to opening the doors and getting some air but when I got here, the entire neighborhood smelled like airplane glue. The kids next door who work on cars are apparently painting their latest acquisition. You don't even want to be in the yard at the moment. I had to turn on the AC.

So, I'm giving it up for the night but I'll leave you with this hot item just in, thanks to relentless reformer, Doug McVay. The GAO just issued a report on the ONDCP's lamebrained anti-drug ad campaigns. Highlights are available here or you can read the full report archived here.

Short version: The campaign was a failure and wasted multi-millions of your tax dollars. It charged up some parents to talk to their kids about drugs but it had virtually no effect on teenage drug use other than in some cases, to actually cause drug use because the ads gave the kids the idea that taking drugs is cool.


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