Friday, August 25, 2006

Going with the flow -- or not

What is it about cops and traffic jams? Is there one recorded instance in the history of mankind where a cop actually cleared one? I swear, it just makes it worse. I know it does in fact, because I've also been stuck on that road when there were no cops and people figured it out faster on their own. Worse yet, there were three cops on this detail so there was three times the chaos. One at each driveway and one stopping traffic on the main drag. Glad I wasn't going the other way. It looked to be a two mile long jam.

Now I should have known better than to go down the high school road this morning in the first place. I know it's a zoo, but I was so tired I forgot school started. (And what's up with starting school in the middle of summer anyway? ) Well I paid the price for my inattention in ten extra minutes of aggravation. Thankfully I had gotten an early start so no harm done except to my nerves when I was already cranky from sleep deprivation. In any event, you can be sure I won't make that mistake again for a long time.


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