Sunday, August 20, 2006

Prohibition creates terrorists

The DEA is spending all this money and energy trying to convince us that drugs cause terrorism but there's no clearer proof than this that the opposite is true. Take a look at Afghanistan where the Taliban is now said to "be stronger than they have been since before the fall of the Taleban administration in 2001." The key quote:
Some say the Taleban's current strength stems partly from their intimidation of the local population, but also from the fact they can pay young Afghan men more than the Afghan army can pay them.

"It certainly includes small landowners who are concerned about losing their capacity to grow opium poppies because of the eradication campaigns that are on."

The Taleban's offers to protect farmers from eradication campaigns will have boosted their popularity in major poppy-growing provinces like Helmand.
These people are living in the Stone Age and barely scratching out an existence in a country destroyed by years of war. If the choice was between your family starving and growing poppies -- what would you do?


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