Friday, August 18, 2006

Blog hopping

I've barely read the drug policy blogs in over a month so I'm horribly remiss in doing a roundup. The intrepids have been busy while I've been slacking off though, so it looks like it will take more than one post.

Thehim at ReLoad has an interesting look at how the medical marijuana laws work and don't work in Washington state. They're doing some good work there but sadly, the war on sick people continues even in the enlightened places.

Scott at Grits for Breakfast never takes a break and has a long and fascinating series of posts on a new case in Texas. It appears that the atrocities of informant based prosecutions didn't die, as we had hoped, with Tulia. Scroll down to the beginning and read up. [Update: I'm so out of touch I didn't notice it was Alan Bean guest posting at Grits. Scott has been on a month long break and is just back.]

The D'Alliance has also been rolling along. There's a lot there but don't miss their rundown on the criminal negligence of the law enforcement authorities in New Orleans during Katrina. Somebody should be prosecuted for the callous abandonment of those prisoners who were caught in that flood. We're talking about people incarcerated in the local jails for minor infractions mostly, like public drunkeness, who were left to die in locked cells.

On a lighter note, if you don't suffer from vertigo, try out the electronic hallucinogenic there. It was pretty cool and the effects only last a minute.

Finally, Pete at Drug WarRant is tearing it up with the DEA. This is a big and inspiring project from our reformer who apparently never sleeps but the short version is the Traveling Prohibitionist Propaganda Show,complete with 3-D disinformational displays, came to Pete's home turf, The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.

Pete, along with SSDP, are countering with their own informational campaign, handing out flyers in front of the museum. Or trying to. It's a big story and they're received a lot of press. Your best bet is start at the top and keep scrolling to get the all the details. At the very least, read about his day at the Museum. The Museum is not amused.

And while you're there he has the latest news on the Afghani poppy production which is hitting record levels.

And this heartbreaking post is worth clicking for the photo alone. In the latest on the Plan Colombia front, the White House finally pushed their insane eradication program through. I suspect its codename is Spray Paradise and it's destroying the pristine national forests of the country.

What a crime. Once it's gone, you can't get it back and it won't even make a ripple in the drug supply on the streets.


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