Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I need a new store

So now that I have a reliable car again, I decided to try a new grocery store that's further from my house. I saw in their circular they had organic food so I was hoping they also had a better produce section now that I'm trying to eat healthy and have actually been cooking meals instead of nuking frozen dinners. What a horror show it turned out to be.

The store was as dimly lit as bodega and filthy. The produce section was permeated by the smell of rotting vegetables and after cruising the entire place, I discovered exactly five items that were organic. Four different canned goods and they do sell organic milk, not that you would want to buy it from the sticky looking dairy section. I bought one can of organic beans there and came home and washed the can. I ended up having to go to my regular store, which now looks infinitely more appealling, and as an added bonus they had some zucchini that was fresh enough to be worth purchasing.

It's so ironic to be living in the country and be unable to find decent produce. I'm telling you it's hard to eat healthy in the south. No wonder there are so many really obese people.


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