Saturday, August 12, 2006

Quick Hits

I'm working today so just a couple of quick links this morning.

This is what drives me crazy about Mark Kleiman. He admits that the war on some drugs is a failure and often comes out on the side of sensible drug policy but is adamantly against legalization as a remedy. He claims it will increase the levels of drug abuse, almost instantly.

Now Kleiman is really smart guy and I'm sure he has seen the evidence that this doesn't happen in places where drugs are legal or quasi-legal. I can't help but think his judgment is colored by the fact that he makes money on the prohibition side of the war. Otherwise how to explain that he's only willing to perhaps reduce the LEO resources in the WoSD but not eliminate the whole failed program. And as I recall he wasn't disturbed about the idea of turning kids into unfeeling zombies vaccinating young children to prevent future drug use.

Still it's worth reading the short piece at the link. He does give Radley's new white paper a good review.


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