Friday, August 18, 2006

Rising to the challenge

I've been wanting to join the fun at the 100 word challenge for a while now. I still haven't figured out how to record my own story but I had a inspiration for the challenge words so I figure I'll give the midget a crack at it this week. Here's my entry.
Rooster Cockburn was the winningest player on the banty weight circuit.

Now in the tenth round of the big match, his mystery opponent swaggered around the ring, taunting him to bring it on. Rooster charged.

“Nobody beats The Cock,” he snarled as he swung the hooded beast over his head.

The crack when his foe’s crotch struck his temple was audible to the gasping fans in the front row. Rooster was down. Lying on the mat, he could dimly see his own blood glittering on his adversary’s cast iron codpiece.

The victor unmasked and crowed.

"Hah! Nobody beats Hernia Harry."
Theoretically, it will magically appear tomorrow on the podcast and it's a contest, so head over there then and vote for your favorite, which doesn't necessarily have to be me. The competition is always stiff.


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