Thursday, August 17, 2006

And the shopping gods smiled...

I dragged myself out yesterday afternoon in the bleak and cloudy weather to get the car squared away. It's funny, I have such a phobia about dealing with the DMV that my heart was pounding while I was waiting in line. I mean I was thirty seconds away from a panic attack for no apparent reason other than having to deal with the bureaucracy. Guess it comes from years of bad experiences in Mass and the three tries it took to bring enough paperwork to get my driver's license here. But I sailed in and out in ten minutes.

The DMV is in a little mall here and I almost left immediately after. I was determined to do some shopping and having been at this mall a couple of times, I didn't think there were any stores there I wanted to go to. I was halfway to my car and realized I should use the ladies room before I moved down the road, because I knew they had one there. Funny how life works. Somehow I walked right by it and discovered a shoe store having a huge sale at the end of the mall. Shoes were high on my list since I had thrown out just about everything when I left Noho.

Now I hate shoe shopping more than any other kind. My feet are just odd and I have to try on the shoes to figure out if they're going to fit. Plus depending on the cut of the shoe, my size ranges across several different combinations. Well, it was like a miracle. I walked out with five pairs of shoes for exactly a hundred bucks and change. I found two pairs of dressy slides, a pair of everyday sandals, a new pair of Keds (they're for kids you know) and my best find, a sweet pair of Clark's clogs for the fall. I'm all set except for a pair of hiking boots for the winter and I can put that off for a long time. Never in my life have I found five pairs of shoes on sale on the same day. Felt like I hit the lottery.

I walked out of there singing with joy. Even better, the sun broke out on the way home and the weather has been gorgeous here ever since. Sometimes, life can be so good.


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