Monday, August 28, 2006

DEA fights for job security in Colorado

If this is legal, it shouldn't be. The DEA is actively recruiting for a campaign manager in Colorado to defeat a citizen's initative on the ballot that would legalize possesion of up to one ounce of marijuana by adults. The DEA claims to be using private money to fund the drive, but the recruitment letter is being sent out via DEA servers. So essentially, federal resources the taxpayers are funding, are being used to cloud a state's issue and to pervert the will of the people of Colorado.
The DEA schmuck spokesperson says, "The American taxpayer does have a right to have the people they've paid to become experts in this business tell them what this is going to do," he said. "They should benefit from this expertise."
Translation: If this measure passes my job is threatened. Their expertise is supposed to be used to eliminate drug abuse, something if they have failed to do in over fifty years. Their self justifying propaganda is already being promoted all over creation at great expense to the taxpayer. They don't need the extra exposure. Besides, shouldn't they be spending their time chasing down cartels instead of interfering with the electoral process?

The consensus opinion is the DEA is not violating the Hatch Act, mainly because it doesn't address the situation. Maybe it doesn't but surely there are rules of ethics that it does violate. The DEA has a vested interest in keeping drugs illegal and thus has a distinct conflict of interest.

And if there really is no law, in this nation that is already rife with thousands of laws no one understands, then there should be one that doesn't allow a federal agency to interfere in the process of local and state politics.


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