Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cookie costs cop job

You have to feel sorry for this guy. Jonathon Smith, a three-year officer with the Spokane PD, quit his job rather than be fired after two fellow officers observed him purchasing and consuming a cookie allegedly laced with pot at a rock concert. Note that they were all off duty at the time.

But here's the really outrageous part of the story.
Meidl and Dashiell, who said they were offered the cookies at $1 each but didn't buy any, contacted Nicks at home and wound up working with Grant County sheriff's deputies in an investigation that resulted in the arrest of Steven Cory Mack, 26, of Bothell, for investigation of delivery of marijuana.

Investigators found 2.8 grams of marijuana in a search of Mack's seized 1999 Chevrolet Blazer, along with $300 in $1 dollar bills and a plastic container with crumbs inside, Deputy John Turley said.
There's those forfeiture laws again. They seized the kid's car without proving the crime first, and will keep it based on enough pot for, at most, a couple of joints and some cookie crumbs. Does anybody seriously believe this kid is making a living on selling cookies? The cop meanwhile won't be charged with a drug crime because they can't prove the cookies really were laced with pot.

The cops who ratted Smith out, call him stupid for buying the cookie in the first place. Seems to me they have it ass backwards. What's stupid is ruining a career and wasting the taxpayer's money on busting a citizen for a dried plant in an amount that would barely fill a thimble.

Meanwhile, somebody send Jon Smith an application for LEAP. He's a prime candidate for membership.


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