Sunday, September 03, 2006

Home improvements

Argggh. Oh my aching back. Yesterday was a big day. I finally agreed to let John come over to my house so I had to clean it and you know how it is. When someone comes over for the first time, you want it to look extra good. So I'm moving my futon couch to vacuum underneath and realize that the thing is about to fall apart and crash on the floor.

When I got here, the mover had left with one crucial nut in his pocket so the last screw was never secured. I discovered the only thing holding the one corner was the very end of that screw. The little dowel thingies were just hanging there. It took me an hour to figure out how to fix it. Of course half that time I was trying to bang it together and wondering why the screw wouldn't tighten. I had forgotten about the nut, which has been sitting in an envelope for all these months. Anyway, to make a long story short, I felt pretty buff yesterday for figuring it out but after wrangling the futon on and off the frame and many contortions to get the thing screwed in, I could barely get out of bed because my back feels so bad today.

Meanwhile, in another testament to the value of blogging, my house is not that easy to find because it's set so far back from the road and the driveway is gravel that's rather overgrown with grass but John found it on the first try because he recognized the branch which I haven't had the ambition to wrestle down to the brush pile yet. How funny is that?


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