Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I got the holter monitor put on today. Easiest doctor's appointment I ever had. I didn't have to see a doctor, just the nurse. Wait time was negligible and I didn't have to wait around to check out and sign a bunch of papers either because their computer system was down.

Lisa was right. It's not bad to be wearing the thing. Only three contacts and a little box the size of a pager. It does kind of feel like a walkman but I was glad she marked the leads with the color wire that goes to them since the first thing I did when I got home was rip all the wires off when I changed my clothes.

I expect this will all be an exercise in futility since the dizzy spells have pretty much subsided since I went off the beta blocker but I guess it will be worth it for the peace of mind when they tell me for the forty-fifth time that there is nothing wrong with my heart. And besides, this one doesn't cost me any co-pay because it's just a nurse's visit, so what the heck.

Meanwhile, I think my doctor is starting to like me. They were having some kind of doctor's powwow in the lobby when I arrived. He noticed when I walked in and nodded and smiled at me. I suppose he was surprised I showed up. I'm a notorious no-show when it comes to follow-up visits. Unless I think I'm in imminent danger of dropping dead, I'd just as soon not be there.


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