Thursday, July 27, 2006

Save the Starburst flavors....

...and help a blogger out. While I've been whining about my petty little problems, the lovely Maeve has been having a really horrendous week. Besides dealing with an influx of crazy patrons at her bartending gig, she's been in a auto accident and had a SWAT team descend next door to her. But that's not the worst of it. She just found out Starburst is dropping the only two flavors her son likes.

Now this may not seem to be such an earthshaking problem to you, but her son is autistic and Starburst was an extraordinarily effective reward that he responded well to in terms of his therapy -- but only the two dropped flavors worked.. He doesn't like the other flavors at all. Contacting Starburst could help save those flavors -- tropical punch and kiwi strawberry -- from oblivion. Thanks to the ever alert Lisa, here's the link to write to Starburst or if you prefer to call, the number is 1-800-551-0683.

Please take a moment to help this mom and her son and ask Starburst to bring those flavors back.


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