Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Looking for love in all the wrong places

I'm still cleaning out the old inbox and this one is worth passing on for the amusement value. I wonder if I'm on some Yentl list somewhere? Certainly it's not my own success at love that would be drawing lonely hearts to ask for my advice.
Hello and how are you doing over there and hope fine.I am a simple going lady,nice,caring,sincere,faithful,honest,loving, and with a sense of and believe in reality alot. I believe in a true love as well. I will like to meet a man, that will love me for whom i am, someone with atleast half of the qualities I have though no one is perfect at all. This is all i could say for now. and if you dont mind here is my email address . I hope to read from you as soon as posible.
Take Good Care Of Yourself.
If anyone can help poor Harritte find a man, that's the real email address she left. Sounds like she will make someone a fine wife.


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