Saturday, July 22, 2006

The plant is not the problem

These studies that perpetuate the myth of cannabis dependence piss me off. While there are people who abuse marijuana, it's not the plant that causes habitual overuse, it's an underlying psychological condition that creates the problem. The overuse of the plant is the symptom, not the cause. This piece makes one important statement though, that makes it worth linking to it.
People often fail to notice that a friend or neighbor has a marijuana problem because the consequences of cannabis use are less striking than those associated with other drugs, according to Dr. Alan J. Budney of the University of Vermont’s Treatment Research Center. “You don’t see the severe acute consequences you get with alcohol or cocaine,” Budney said.
Now wouldn't that suggest to you that the plant is thus less harmful than alcohol and perhaps on a par with habitual coffee consumption? Both alcohol and caffeine can cause health problems that greatly exceeds any proven adverse consequences of habitual cannabis use when overused, but you don't see the government spending billions every year to end those "crises." I mean should they be eradicating the coffee fields of South America in order to prevent people from drinking too much coffee? Jail every alcoholic, no matter whether or not they cause public harm in some way?

It's time we demand our government stop preventing meaningful research into the benefits of this plant and cease pouring billions of tax dollars into a futile effort to vilify and/or eliminate a naturally growing herb that has many benefits and does minimal harm to those few who actually abuse it.


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