Friday, July 21, 2006


The cartoid scan was pretty cool. It didn't hurt and I got to see some of it. It was all pretty fast too.

When I got there, there was a waiting room full of people. It was so full a couple of people in wheelchairs had to wait in the hall. But I got through the check in quickly and was assigned a hostess to immediately escort me to my scanning room. It was very cute, sort of like being escorted to your room at a fancy hotel. They even have a button in the little waiting area in case you want to order room service.

For the procedure, you lay down in a dark room on a fairly comfortable gurney and the tech runs a little scanner over your neck. You have to turn your head, so I didn't see the first half but on the second I could watch the screen. It starts with some cool graphic where it shows the blood pouring through and then it just goes to a grey screen where you can see the actual cartoid pumping. I didn't watch that long cause it I had to strain my eyes to get the right angle but I did watch again when she did the echoes. You get to hear your blood pumping and there's a little occilliscope like graphic on the bottom of the screen. I watched it long enough to decide there was nothing wrong with me and took the occassion to zone out.

I guess I was right since the radiologist signed me off in mere minutes and although I utterly failed to complete my first cell phone call, my ride pulled up just as I hit the sidewalk. As these things go, it was easy. Wish I could say the same for transferring the car. I couldn't do it today because it's clear it's going take a least a whole day to get the paperwork done. The DMV regs here are just the worst.

I'm working next week so I won't be able to deal with it until August. That might work out for the best though. I'm not sure, since their regs are clear as mud, but I may save fifteen bucks for doing it that way.


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