Thursday, July 20, 2006

Time won't let me

Well getting the holter monitor taken off, which essentially involves yanking off the three leads, took a lot longer today now that computer system is up again at the doc's office. I had to wait half an hour for a nurse. Silly since I could have just ripped the thing off myself and left it on the desk in two minutes but it apparently needs to be certified or something.

They all also entered into an unholy alliance over there to force me to go to the radiologist tomorrow and get the cartoid scan done. They doubled teamed me with the appointment women. I've never had a doctor's office that had a special person just to make outside appointments. You have to wait for her too. They blamed the new girl for making an appointment for tomorrow without asking me first. The hell of it is, I've been putting it off for so long, I didn't have a good excuse ready to avoid it and I didn't want her to get more rattled than she already was. She was a nervous little thing. Anyway, I guess I'll be glad when it's done and they're off my back about it.

I somehow managed to send my water bill payment to myself instead of to the town hall so I had to go into town as well. That's twice this month already. A new record. It was hotter than Hades on those sidewalks but I took a stroll around the block to pick up the local weekly anyway. The myrtle trees were so inviting. They're in full bloom and starting to drop their teeny little flowers in the slightest breeze. The guy ahead of me at the bank, the bouncer from the blues bar, was dressed all in black as usual. He's a really big guy, very Irish looking. Fair skinned with real red hair. I spent the time waiting staring at a string of little white myrtle blooms clinging to his shirt, strung out in a chain across his broad back.

Behind me there was another young guy leaning deep over the counter, filling out his deposit slip. He had really thick hair, a deep rich auburn, and two perfect little pink myrtles were caught in the tousles. Something about the light and the colors was so exquisite -- I wanted to take a picture -- but I thought it would be too weird.

Meanwhile, I now have a "new" car sitting in my yard. I'm glad I know it well or it would be too spooky to see it sitting there outside of the window. This of course also means that tomorrow is shot between the doctor and getting it on the road.

I guess I'm going to sell the Ford. I've never sold a car before. I have no idea what to do. Luckily my neighbors seem to know a lot about it. The next time they're out there doing car stuff, I guess I'll ask them.


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