Sunday, July 23, 2006

Fun with referrals

Well all the cool kids seem to be doing this lately so I figured I would check my search referrals and see what comes up. Here's my best ones from the last couple of days.

last nail in the coffin puzzle solution - I've never heard of this puzzle but I'm not sure I would have posted the solution if I did know it. It doesn't sound like the kind of game you want to win.

relations with basil leaf and marijuana - I like this one. Sounds kind of kinky.

Porn Sites Border Jumpers - Who knows what this means but I'm pretty sure I never blogged about it. It's funny though that I used the key words at different times and came up so high in the search

"Hilton Kaderly" - I regularly get hits for good old Hilton. I think he just retired recently but he is my favorite weatherman - ever.

cannabis holidays - There's a probably a joke in there about pot smokers but you'll have to supply it yourself.

Narraganssett, RI grocery store - For the record, I've never been to a grocery store in Narranganssett.

buying 2-ct-2 - I had to read the post to remember what this was. It sounds like a dangerous new designer drug. Last One Speaks does not endorse its use and recommends you avoid it.

coors dwi song - Obviously someone has already thrown up a parody on the Coors heir who was busted for DWI the other day. If anybody finds it, please send me the link.


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