Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Congratulations due for Emery

Good news from Canada. Marc Emery and his co-defendants's case have taken a turn for the better with a new Canadian court decision, ruling that in extradition cases, a Canadian court must review the prosecution's case and decide whether it could result in a guilty verdict in Canada. Until now the Canadian court was unable to function as anything more than a rubberstamp for a extradition request.

Since Mark conducted his business openly for years without being prosecuted under Canadian law, one assumes the court will rule the US' scheme to drag him across the border to face decades in jail is an invalid criteria for extradition. One hopes it will put an end to the DEA's meddling in Canadian drug policy as well.

Meanwhile, Marc finally married his long-time assistant Jodie Giesz-Ramsay.The article is subscription only so here's some excerpts.
Marc Emery, Vancouver's self-styled Prince of Pot, married his long-time assistant at Cannabis Culture Magazine Sunday under a tent in Queen Elizabeth Park's rose garden. In a traditional ceremony rather than the expected counterculture blow-out, the 48-year-old Emery wed Jodie Joanna Giesz-Ramsay, 21, quietly and with reverence.

A harpist played airs in the sunshine as they tied the knot in a landscape blurred only by clouds of cannabis and iridescent soap bubbles. The couple and their friends celebrated at a reception afterwards at Heritage Hall on Main Street. Emery, with a yellow rose in his lapel, said he was overjoyed at the union that was witnessed by about 50 people.
When co-defendant Michelle Rainey was asked if the Emery's had a gift registry, she roared with laughter. "Registered?" she howled. "Don't give him anything but cash or pot. . . . They've got everything -- appliances, kitchen stuff. Trust me, pot or money."

Oh, and if you can arrange it, an acquittal, she added.

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