Saturday, April 08, 2006

Justice served
I'm late getting to this release from The DARE Generation but I don't want to let such a rare occassion as this go by without congratulating the students from Goose Creek who filed suit after the horrifying drug raid in their school. Fifty nine of them who participated in the action won a 1.2 million dollar judgment against the school district.

The timing and brutality of the raid, early in the morning when mostly black students were in the school and the lack of arrests certainly weighed in the students' favor. As Kris Krane, executive director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy remarked, “It appears the Goose Creek Police Department succeeded in finding the one drug-free high school in America.”

One is hopeful the judgment will give other school districts pause before they authorize such Gestappo tactics against our children. As D'Alliance notes, as least one has come to the conclusion that raids that reek of racisim is bad policy. A California school district refused to authorize a raid against a college whose study body is predominantly African-American.


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