Friday, March 03, 2006

Medical marijuana PSAs pulled from public airwaves

Why am I not surprised this happened in Dick Cheney's home state? Marijuana Policy Project's PSA's were pulled from two radio stations after a local police chief complained.
“For me, it was disturbing that the local radio station was running advertising that is counter to what the public and our community stand for …,” Rawlins Police Chief Mike Reed said.
So much for the First Amendment.
“What on earth is broadcasting for, if not to facilitate the exchange of ideas,” Bruce Mirken, director of communications with the Marijuana Policy Project in San Francisco, said Thursday. Mirken said pulling the spots “suggest that you could never talk about whether laws need to be changed.”

Mirken said the PSA announcements featured comments from medical marijuana advocates, including talk show host Montel Williams.
Fortunately, this small minded censorship has not infected the entire country. The PSAs have aired thousands of times in many markets across the US. It's a simple message for compassion and common sense.

You can listen to them here where they are available for upload for free for your local radio stations. Contact your local DJs and encourage them to air them as well.


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