Friday, March 03, 2006

Kubby's health failing

The Las Vegas Review Journal has a good piece on Steve Kubby. He's lost 25 pounds since being extradited from Canada and incarcerated in California. Further, his blood pressure has been problematic and his wife reports he's been suffering from shingles, an indication that his immune system is failing.

The jail refuses to provide him with a proper diet to maintain his health and won't pay for the Marinol that is likely the only reason he's still alive. The family has been forced to absorb the cost of the medicine themselves.

Our government has spent hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars to pursue their vendetta against this medical marijuana activist, pursuing him across borders and tying up law enforcement resources and the courts over one dried up stem of either a mushroom or a cactus button. Apparently they haven't been able to decide which it is, having relabled the exhibit of his "crime" several times. It's possible they even planted this "evidence" during the raid.

Steve Kubby wasn't hurting anyone. He presented no danger to society. If anyone should be charged in this case, it's law enforcement -- for criminal misuse of public money.

[hat tip JackL]


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