Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Canada cracks down on seeds

The RCMP in Canada just busted another internet seed operation in a culmination of their new task force's investigation. Richard Hratch BAGHDADLIAN and six of his associates are facing 49 assorted charges over this business that has been openly operating on the internet since 1998.

Suspicious timing if you ask me. Funny that so soon after the US meddled in Canada's drug enforcement with the arrest of Marc Emery they suddenly got this hot urge to bust seed sellers. It seems to be a pretty transparent attempt to justify arresting Emery after taking his tax money for all the years he was in operation and conveniently adding a little boost to the extradition proceedings.

Update: Here's a news account of the bust. The RCMP say this is the first time they've targeted seeds, I guess that's because they arrested Marc at the request of the US and not as a specific investigation. The basis of the arrest is somewhat muddy to say the least.

Marijuana activist Marc-Boris Saint-Maurice attended the news conference where the details of the seizure were released.

He said since the web site has been closed down the whole international cannabis community has been "up in arms."

"There is the impression that seeds are legal in Canada and this case is unprecedented," Saint-Maurice said.

"The upcoming court case is going to be important to try to figure out the actual status of seeds."

Since they allow legal grow-ops for medical marijuana, it will be a decision of some import for many sick people who depend on the herb for relief from their symptoms. It's just crazy how Canada's policies are degrading from sensible to hysterical at the same time the situation here is finally improving.


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