Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunday aricraft blogging

I made a skydive here in DeLand once. It's a smaller drop zone than Z-Hills but it was nicer in a way. More intimate, and the people were friendlier. They have a new airplane now but thanks to Jump Shack, a parachute maker nearby, I found this graphic of the Twin Otter I jumped that time.

That was a great jump. I was on the sunset run and when you reached altitude you could see both the Atlantic and the Gulf at the same time. I had a bad landing on that one. This was another last minute jump without instruction. I had never landed in pea stone before so I slid out on my sneakers but Dave managed to stay standing and I ended up kneeling between his knees, so I just threw my arms open - ta da - as if we had planned it. We nailed the target dead center as well. Everyone applauded. I think that was my favorite jump of the three I made.

Meanwhile, as an added bonus, a little instructional film on how to handle highway landings. Just click on this video and stick with it to the end. The punchline is worth it.


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