Thursday, February 23, 2006

It could only happen to me

Doesn't look like I'll be getting out of work early today but here's a silly little story until I get to the news later tonight. I told you a while ago how I got a homemade cassette tape from my friend in the Florida Keys. I discovered I could play it here at the homestead but it isn't that convenient to do so and I was never able to hear the whole thing although as I predicted, Good Night Irene was the lead off song.

So here's the silly part. I've owned my trusty Ford for about five years now I think and I never noticed until a week ago, that I have a cassette deck in it. Now in my defense, I rarely drove this car. Plus, the radio is a kind of fancy setup and the navigation buttons are duplicated up on the dashboard so I never fooled around with the all the buttons on the actual unit. It's also set in low under the dashboard so it's not like the little gate is so apparent. But I'm probably the only person I know who could own something for five years and not figure out everything it can do. I set it to the local station I liked and never really fooled with it all these years.

Anyway, I can listen to the tape in the car. Of course I still don't drive it much so I can only listen to one or two songs a day but I've cycled through the whole thing finally. My new favorite song is Dance a Little Closer.


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