Monday, February 20, 2006

Ricky Williams busted again

This is getting to be an old story. Ricky failed his fourth drug test. Big shock. The Dolphins should do themselves a favor and either just kick him off the team or simply quit testing him. It's so absurd. They know he smokes and apparently it didn't affect his game or they wouldn't keep taking him back. So what's the point of subjecting him to tests they know he's going to fail?

Marijuana stays at detectable levels in the body for weeks longer than its effects last. Judging from the number of players that get caught using it in any given season, I'd say it's rather a pervasive form of relaxation among the players. And if anyone could make a case for using it medicinely, I would think athletes that are routinely knocked around and jumped on by dozens of what -- 250 lb players -- in any given game, could use the pain relief at the end of the day. I bet they let them take pharma drugs to play through the pain of injuries. Why get on their case for taking a natural remedy?


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