Sunday, February 19, 2006

Weedman headed for greener pastures

Ed Forchion, the NJ Weedman has a new gig. He'll be leaving the State of New Jersey with one less Rastafarian to kick around and is heading to Hollywood to work in a medical marijuana dispensary. Although it won't eliminate it altogether, since the feds are still working against state laws and busting sick people sanctioned by the state to possess their medicine, the odds have gone down that he will be arrested for practicing his religion.
So for Forchion, who also said he hopes his move to Hollywood could start a new career in show business, it seems his life has come full circle.

“What I’m doing is ironic,” he said. “Basically I became known and all this started because I got busted selling weed. Now I’m going to California and I’m going to do it legally.”
We wish him the best of luck.


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