Thursday, February 16, 2006

And in other developments...

As long as I'm making my long overdue run through the policy blogs, Pete has a bunch of new posts of interest. The Illinois Senate Health and Human Services Committee passed a medical marijuana bill hot on the heels of a new poll showing public support for the measure running about 2-1 in favor. It's not over yet of course, but a heartening development for the sick patients that would benefit from this medicine.

Pete's also already on the sad developments in New Mexico where a similar bill was passed through the Senate there but then sent to die an ignomious death in the House Agriculture and Water Resources Committee. This comes as a direct result of meddling by our taxpayer funded prohibitionists, who spent your money to defeat the will of the people in order to keep their own cushy jobs safe.

Meanwhile, I'm just stealing this link outright. A short video clip showing what happens when you give LSD to men who are supposed to go out and kill. Makes a mockery of the contention that psychedelic drugs make you violent. Priceless.


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