Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Wooldridge's Washington Weekly Report

Unfortunately, it appears this will be the last one until September so I'm going to reprint it in full. It speaks for itself

Conundrum of the Week:

Over the weekend I attended the annual CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) convention at a DC hotel. Wearing SOP LEAP attire (dress pants, dress shirt, tie + LEAP t-shirt over dress shirt) and with my personal added touch of huge cowboy hat and large buckle, let us just say I was noticed. I engaged in many conversations. When accused of being a liberal I would reply, “Oh no. On this issue I am the conservative. I believe in Liberty, Privacy Rights and Personal Responsibility.” Almost everyone came back (as an accusation) “You are not a conservative. You are a Libertarian.” My response: so, you being a conservative, what do you believe OTHER THAN liberty, privacy rights and personal responsibility? That question had them tripping on their own words & beliefs. It was fun.

I spent the week in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rob Ryan and crew had me hopping almost 24/7. I met with about a dozen state reps, senators and candidates for Congress. Besides the 1 minute, condensed Rotary speech, I offered each of them personal training on how to articulate any policy of drug reform which they supported already or might in the future. I attended a 600 person, one day conference of the leaders of Cincinnati. I was very impressed with the number of African –Americans who expressed SUPPORT for the LEAP position. The most memorable part of the trip was having a WB network reporter and camera man follow me down the sidewalk of the Over the Rhine area of Cincinnati. OTR was the scene of rioting a few years back. My cowboy hat and shirt attracted enough attention to generate a half dozen good conversations which the TV station later made into 2 long (almost 3 minute) reports.

On the other hand:

I just received notice that effective 15 February I will be coordinating a national publicity campaign directed at bringing information and pressure to stop the daily, unarmed invasion of illegals who pour across our borders. This full-time, temporary position will last until about 15 September 2006.

Therefore, with a heavy sigh and heart, I must drastically curtail my activities on behalf of LEAP here in DC. I will still be an active LEAP Board member and will attend any appropriate conferences in the DC area. I will fulfill previous commitments to a tour of MI, OH and St. Louis in late March and April. I will cease my education efforts on Capitol Hill effective tomorrow.

I have known about this potential position for several months. I know LEAP has tried hard during that time to find funding for my DC efforts, unfortunately w/o any success. As most of you know, my small police pension does not kick in until I turn 59. I have to work for money at least another 6 years before I can work for free.

I will resume this newsletter in late September. The money earned from this temporary position will allow me to stay in DC thru at least June of 2007. I won’t be shy. If you know anyone who believes my educational efforts on behalf of LEAP are valuable, pledges of financial support starting in September will put me back on track. I need 3,000 a month which will cover a modest existence for me and carrots for Misty.

I can't think of a worthier cause. Howard is a hell of an educator.


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