Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Small world

I was sort of missing snow while I watched the TV coverage. I had this moment of nostalgia for watching a nor'easter blow outside the bay windows from the warmth of my old apartment and then trudging through the sparkling white landscape of downtown when it was over. I don't know how I ended up at Flicker looking at pictures of the blizzard, but I spent quite a while looking at people's albums. I'm weird that way. I love other people's vacation pictures and home movies. I was looking for shots of Noho but found a lot of nice shots from NYC instead. Oddly, this guy's album covered my old stomping grounds in the West Village in the early 70s. I stayed in the building in the graphic. I'm sure it's the place on Bedford, just off Christopher that my friend had an apartment in. I've been on the roof of that building.

I found a lot of other nice shots too. A bench in Central Park. A sweet little snowman or maybe snow bum. A stunning shot of a waterfall in Central Park. And a reminder why you don't want a car in the city.

I also found this portfolio with only two blizzard pictures but this Willow person is a great photographer and I liked the shots. It felt like it could be an album of my own life.


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