Saturday, February 11, 2006

Justice served in Chicago

I can't wait for a day off. I'm still working this ungodly rotation and just passed out last night at 8:00. The sleep didn't do a thing for the fatigue. I just don't feel rested when I have to get up before the sun does, no matter how many hours I sleep. Worse yet I woke up with what I think is the beginnings of a head cold. But enough whining, here's a fun post from Flex Your Rights.

Scott Morgan looks at suing the government for fun and profit. Yes, occassionally justice is served in our court system and 87 women of color who were wrongfully searched at O'Hare airport won a almost 2 million dollar judgement against the government. DHS won't admit they did anything wrong but promise not to do it again anyway. Meanwhile, 20 nursing students who were illegally searched at a state-run vocational school after a classmate alleged she had been robbed of a credit card have filed suit that could result in a significant monetary judgement. It seems they have a good case since the girl whose card was "stolen" later found it in her car after her classmates were illegally searched.

I'm not a litigious person and I think there's too many frivolous lawsuits filed in this country but in cases like these, I'm with Scott - sue the bastards. Our government has already violated our civil rights for years under the auspices of the war on some drugs. Since 9/11 it's only become worse as they seek to conflate drugs and terrorism. Good for the brave souls who will litigate when they've become victims of over zealous vigilantes law enforcement.


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