Monday, February 06, 2006

The Wooldridge Washington Weekly

This just in from our intrepid reform lobbyist inside the Beltway.
SURPRISE OF THE WEEK: On Thursday I flew into Dayton, OH for a week of politikin. Local dynamo Rob Ryan (Republicans for Compassionate Access) had me attend a Democratic Forum in Cincinnati. The featured speaker was TV personality Mr. Jerry Springer. After chatting with a large number of state reps, senators and a local Dem candidate for Congress I sat down to hear Mr. Springer. WOW. This former mayor of Cincinnati was one of the more articulate, insightful speakers I have ever heard. Later we met briefly and he stated he would have me on his radio show.

I had a slow week of catching up on paper work, until flying into Dayton. Thursday and Friday were filled with radio & TV interviews, meeting politicians and command police officers. I did everything but kiss a baby. Next week promises to be more of the same. Thanks Rob for all your hard work. As one who has booked his own Rotaries, I deeply appreciate those who work behind the scenes to put me in the public spotlight or in front of a VIP. And yes, after all the media attention of the Ride Across America, I may have had a little withdrawal problem from not being on TV the last 3 months. LOL
That's a habit we should all be working to feed. Keep in mind my dear readers, that if you see an situation crying out for some LEAP commentary, they have well over 100 speakers ready and able to speak for reform. Feel free to email me tips and I'll even do the contact work for you.


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