Tuesday, February 14, 2006

May I have a blogroll please

What a lost day. I can't believe it's already after 5:00. I'm off for the next week so I slept in because I could and have been putzing around all afternoon. I got some work done on the template though. You'll notice I've added a few members to the blogroll. Please check them out from the sidebar. Under right wing is the Just Charming GuyK. It took me a while to warm up to him, his politics are way right of mine and he often sets my teeth on edge with his political posts but you get past the political disagreements and I think he's a pretty cool guy. He's opinionated but he's not mean and it's hard not to like a guy who obviously loves his wife so much. (Sis, I think you will really like his redneck jokes.) Also added to right wing blogs is Hog on Ice, who doesn't do a lot of politics, but Steve H is a fine writer who is alternately very funny or very moving. Dennis the Peasant couldn't be any more right wing and frankly, I started reading him for the Pajama Media gossip but he's proved to be an independent voice politically and I love rebels.

Under Drunks and Poets, I've added Catfish, Dax Montana, d'Ellison, Straight White Guy and Velociman. They're all pretty much right wingers as well but they're straight talking, slice of life bloggers and over time they've all grown on me for one reason or another. Catfish and Dax are very Southern but in different ways, Ellison is very Jewish but somehow fits in and Velociman can't really be explained - you just have to experience him. The SWG is also an acquired taste and I have to admit I don't read him every day. Sometimes I just can't face all those ellipses... Nonetheless, all the new additions are fine writers with original voices so check them out for yourselves.

Update: Since I posted this I've already managed to irritate Dennis the Peasant and piss off Hog on Ice, who decided to blog on politics this morning.


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