Friday, February 17, 2006

Wooldridge v. Fay

Too funny. Howard checks in with a postscript to his weekly newsletter.

On the last day of the CPAC conference I stopped by the booth of Partnership for Drug Free America. I wanted to enlist their possible support for arrest free 911 calls for alcohol and drug overdoses = saving lives inside of drug prohibition. Before I had 5 words out, a woman stepped up to me and said if I did not leave the booth area immediately, she would have hotel security escort me away. “Just tryin’ to save lives ma’am.” I said as I walked away shaking my head. I learned yesterday that the woman was Calvina Fay, Exec. Director of Drug Free America Foundation. I have met the enemy & she has met LEAP.

Ethan Nadelmann addressed the conference in a plenary debate on marijuana prohibition. He used conservative arguments to end the policy while the other side used an essentially nanny-state liberal approach of having my profession run around and pull marijuana out of people’s mouths. Mr. Nadelmann and I could not present two more different images to drug reform. I believe we had an impact on the attendees.

Guess you can't blame the old girl for being cranky. When we win, she's out of a very well paying job.


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