Thursday, February 16, 2006

Moose on the loose are no laughing matter

Some people would say this is a waste of money, but I'm glad to see this research being started. In the ten years I lived in lovely downtown Noho, there were moose sightings within a mile of town several times. One of them was only a couple of blocks away from where I lived in the city center.

A pissed off moose is nothing to fool around with. My brother in Alaska was charged by a full grown bull once when he was retreiving his mail, and his dog literally saved his life. It's good they're figuring out their range and how they're able to survive the hot summers so far south of their natural habitat. One might speculate 800 moose can thrive in MA because they became slowly acclimated as a result of the warmer weather for longer periods of time in the arctic zones, caused by climate disruption.


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