Saturday, February 18, 2006

Signs of the times

This is funny. Here's an update on this post about those disappearing no toking signs in Amsterdam. JackL is back from vacation and discovered some enterprising entrepreneur has already put up a rival site, selling knockoffs. They also offer an alternative please toke sign edged in green and will soon have tshirts, mugs and one assumes mouse pads at some point. It's worth visiting just for the flash animation.

This site looks more official but I have a feeling it's another rival site even though they acknowledge the profits are to go to a drug rehab center, it just doesn't feel right to me. Not reading Dutch myself, I can't say for sure but as far as I can tell, the official site is still here, accessed from the city's main page.

I'm predicting the noblowbord site will corner the market based solely on the slick website and the cheaper price. The city is going to have to do some aggressive marketing if it hopes to beat that. Unfortunately, the losers will be the rehab who will get less money. One hopes the rip-off sites will at least donate some profits if the business takes off.


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