Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday Aircraft blogging

I made my second jump off the tail end of a Casa at this drop zone. They don't run the Casa there now so I cribbed the graphic from another site but the photo pretty much sums up the experience of walking off a tailgate into thin air. Of course I had zero instruction before I made the skydive. I only got to jump because the guy that was supposed to go chickened out at the very last minute. I was literally pulling on the jump suit as I ran to the plane.

I made the jump with this guy. Actually I made all three of my jumps with Dave. He and Chapin were friends and I was touring Florida drop zones with them for the month of January back in '90.

I didn't so so well on the exit of that one. I was surprised when I hit the pocket of dead air behind the plane so it took a while to get positioned. Actually, Dave may have kicked me into position but it was a long and exciting freefall. I forget the alititude and unfortunately, I'll never know. My logbook and all my photographs were stolen a couple of years later when I moved to Atlanta.


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